The Value of Art

Felix was rejected by the art establishment. He had applied to several art schools who all rejected him on the basis that he “needed to draw more classical” and that his “radical” drawings were essentially and literally “unacceptable”. Undeterred, Felix kept drawing and he found his audiance. An audiance of hundred of thousands of people who would worship this humble man for what he was … Continue reading The Value of Art

Felix Stoever Comic on Steem BlockChain

Dear Fans of Fluorescent Art, Felix Stöver was not only a fantastic painter of fluorescent art, but also created comics. Initially, Felix would draw comics during class at school, where is was usually bored. His comics were inspired by Jean Girod alias “Moebius” and “HR Giger” but also many of the Japanese Manga comics from the later 1980’s. Felixs’ comic “The Journey of the Young … Continue reading Felix Stoever Comic on Steem BlockChain