Felix Stoever presented at Art Club Offenbach

We were invited to showcase Felix Stoever at the Art Club in Offenbach https://gekuku.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/achtes-gekuku/ Attendance came from the local artist community who did not previously know much about this genre of art. Little to say, everyone was very excited and thankful for the experience afterwards. The Felix Stoever Fund is open to present at ArtContinue reading “Felix Stoever presented at Art Club Offenbach”

Felix Stoever Comic on Steem BlockChain

Dear Fans of Fluorescent Art, Felix Stöver was not only a fantastic painter of fluorescent art, but also created comics. Initially, Felix would draw comics during class at school, where is was usually bored. His comics were inspired by Jean Girod alias “Moebius” and “HR Giger” but also many of the Japanese Manga comics fromContinue reading “Felix Stoever Comic on Steem BlockChain”