The Value of Art

Felix was rejected by the art establishment. He had applied to several art schools who all rejected him on the basis that he “needed to draw more classical” and that his “radical” drawings were essentially and literally “unacceptable”. Undeterred, Felix kept drawing and he found his audiance. An audiance of hundred of thousands of people who would worship this humble man for what he was capable of.

And so when Felix died and his art fell in the hands of its current curator, who then tried to speak to the established art scene, museums and critiques – no one cared, understand or was interested to “save” the paintings from the attic of the parents home.

So how is it possible to the paintings would be celebrated around the world and an ever increasing audiance and to this day the art is being copied and used for merch (without a copy lisence!) but no museum is interested to keep the paintings in their catalogue?

Only time will tell, but clearly the art market and art are two completely different things and one must not confuse the value of art with what the art market may consider “value”.


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