STVR ART COIN now on Bitshares BlockCHain

Dear Felix Stoever Fans!

We have now launched the FelixStoeverArt Coin (alias “STVR”) on the BitShares BlockChain.

You can follow its development here:

This Crypto Token will serve to certify Felix Stoever Art. Whether you own a certified T-shirt, Foto or even a painting – holding the Felix Stoever Art Token will certify that you are the owner of the rights to the respective asset.

In Total – there are 10.000 Felix Stoever Art coins. Currently in circulation are 100 (the total count of known Felix Stoever paintings). Over time, we will float or airdrop more STVR coins as products become available.

We will soon start to publich new STVR products. As a Fan and owner of any such product, you will receive a free airdrop of STVR (1 per product) which will certify you as the rightful onwer of any such STVR product. To receive or buy a STVR Token you will need to setup a wallet on the bitshares wallet. Here the link to STVR on Bitshares:

If you have any questions on how to claim your STVR Coin – you can contact us at Gallary{at}

stvr_coin_basic_v4_product ready

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